Making your departure quick and easy

What is Fast Track’s departure service?

Two hours before scheduled departure time, our greeter agent will be waiting at the entrance of (or inside) the departure terminal building; you will be assisted through security, check in, customs and immigration; and then taken to your airline or member lounge and/or to the boarding gate


Do you need any special information?

It is very helpful for coordination to have passenger and/or driver’s mobile cell number. If you will arrive more than two hours before the departure time, let us know and we will try to get our agent there early.

Does the service include being “fast-tracked” through immigration?

It depends: often we are able to use a special lane or negotiate special clearance with the duty immigration officer. In every case our staff will use their airport knowledge and local contacts to make passing through the airport as fast and easy as possible.

Can all terminals be served?

Usually yes: we can meet and assist you in all International terminals at the airport (except sometimes the “low cost budget” terminals). We can usually meet and assist you in the Domestic terminals providing our staff have domestic terminal passes.

Is there an overnight surcharge?

Usually no: in the great majority of airports there are no extra charges for late night service: but in some (like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Seoul) there is a surcharge. We will tell you whether it will apply when you book

Is there “short notice booking” surcharge?

No.  We accept late orders and we do not add a surcharge.  We will do our very best to arrange and confirm any order that is received less than 48 hours before service time.  If it is not be possible to find a greeter in time, an immediate and full refund will be made.

VIP meet & assist. First Class service at the start and end of every flight.