Fast Track's customers

Who uses Fast Track’s airport assistance?

Many types of customers and clients like Fast Track services. Our Airport Assistance customers comprise Travellers and Bookers. Travellers are people who use the service, and include frequent and business fliers, low cost airline users, families, performers & celebrities, corporate. MICE or affinity groups, older travellers needing some extra help, and younger travellers needing some guidance. Bookers are people who choose and book the service for their boss, colleague, client, family or friends. They need to be absolutely sure they have selected the right service and that everything goes as planned. Bookers include travel agencies, tour operators, MICE and event organizers, executive assistants and PAs, or parents, friends and relatives. Locations | Clients. Some of them are described below

business traveller airport concierge

Business Travellers in any class

Travellers flying low cost, economy or premium cabins on business and wanting to use Fast Track's airport assistance customers pass hassle-free through busy and unfamiliar airports

Book Meet and Assist

Travel Agents & Flight Bookers

PAs, secretaries, flight bookers and travel agents can book this service for their boss or passengers with confidence, and can earn booking commission at the same time.

CIP Lounge services

Frequent Fliers, always travelling

Fliers who regularly use certain airports and need the quickest route through the formalities each time, or who are often visiting new and unfamilair airports and countries

family rates airport assistance

Families; Family Groups

Family groups will find our fast track or airport assistance service really helpful after long flights. Discounted Family Group rates are available in Australia, NZ, S Africa, UK, Japan & Dubai

help for mothers at airport

Mums travelling with kids

Single mums (or dads) travelling with kids can have their hands full with pushchairs, bags and wriggling, tired children! Our greeters will help get everyone through the airport as quickly as possible

celebrity VIP service

Celebrities and Superstars

Celebrities, actors, models and performers like to control their exposure to fans and intrusive paparazzi. We will arrange fast, private, or VIP routes through the airport, help with bags, or extra security for these special airport assistance customers.

airport help roadshows business groups

Corporate, Incentives, Roadshows

Corporate Road show participants or incentive groups will enjoy the special executive handling that Fast Track will arrange for them when the arrive, depart or pass through a strange & busy airport

airport VIP for celebrity bands

Actors, Models, Performers & Bands

Musicians and models often travel with crew, band members, assistants and a lot of bags and equipment. Our airport staff will arrange special handling for the VIP talent, and baggage assistance for the accompanying staff

airport assistance for old passengers

Older Fliers needing extra help

Older travellers will enjoy the special personal care and attention, help and guidance that they will receive at a busy airport before or after a long and tiring flight. A nice start or end to a special journey

help unaccompanied minors

Younger Fliers connecting flights

Most airlines offer "unaccompanied minor " schemes for children travelling alone. But that may not cover transfers between different airlines, or help for under 18's travelling alone who are not allowed to enter an airline lounge serving alcohol

airport help nervous fliers

Worried Travellers, Nervous Fliers

New aiports, airports in countries with unusual language, can be concerning for anyone getting a visa, finding a driver or making a connection. Fast Track staff will provide a reliable and understandable solution and service

Airport Help older travellers

Visiting Relatives and Relatives

If you are visiting your friends or relatives, or if they are visiting you, then a Airport Meet and Assist service is a great treat for the travellers, and a memorable way to start and end their visit.

Elite VIP airport help

High end & private jet travellers

In some airports there are high end elite VVIP options for private Jet and elite travellers. These may include a limousine tarmac transfer from/to airplane, private VIP facilities, and special handling of border controls

Special Assistance at Airports

Connecting Airport Assistance Customers

young, old or disabled passengers who are connecting between different airlines, or on different tickets, needing some extra help with both arrival and departure which is not offered by airline staff

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