Airport Bubbles – help for you

Travel Bubbles (Corona Corridors, Flight Bridges) are where a a set of 2 or more countries have agreed to open their borders to each other allowing less restricted travel between them for qualifying residents and citizens. This allows flying to recommence.

Whilst Airlines are adopting strict measures to prevent any spread on board, the time spent by passengers passing though the airport is not managed by airlines, and so is uncertain and concerning. There is pressure on airport authorities to re-organize their passengers flows, security and technology to minimize crowd and bottle necks and safe distancing. But this will not likely be perfect or consistent.

Our “Airport Bubbles” are a coordinated set of additional services that a traveller can select to get them as quickly and as safely as possible through the airport  to their home or hotel, oo on to the he next flight

There are three components to an Airport Bubble service

Airport Meet and Assist – we arrange a local COVID-safe Agent to greeter you when you arrive and help you all the way through the airport, for arrival, connection, trasit or departure.   Additionally, Agents will do their best to reduce the time spent in at check in, can request solo seats (next seat vacant) to be assigned at check in, and can try to help passengers minimize excess baggage fees charged by airlines.  The Agent’s cell number will also be available should passenger need to locate them at any time

Airport Baggage Porter – a COVID-aware airport baggage handler will retrieve and/or move your bags to or from your Chauffeur Limo 

Airport Chauffeur Limo – a COVID-trained Chauffeur will drive you in a sanitized Private Hire vehicle. Your ride is not shared, is not a taxi, Grab or Uber service.

You can read about the strict policies and practices we require and deliver here Airport Bubble policies

Airport Bubbles protect passengers moving between Airplane and hotel or office

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