New!! Special Rates for Family Groups

Family Group Rates. Children and Family members travel free in over 20+ popular airports.


Family Rates are open to a group of 3 to 8 passenger on the same flight, which has two or more children, or which has at least three family members with the same family name (surname) in their passports. 

For a family group of four the Family Rate saving will be between around USD80 to USD120.  The service level is the same and there are no special restrictions.

Family Rates are available at most airports in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The service can be booked on line using our booking tool:  choose a “Family Group” arrival, departure of connection service type and the discounted fare will be shown. If in doubt or if the service you want for your Family group is not shown, please E-mail us and we will try and help.

Terms of the Family Rate offer.  The first two adult passengers are charged at the normal two person rate; the third and four passengers go free, provided they are both children (age limit varies between airports); or provided that three or more members the group have the same surname (same  family name). The total cost for a Family group will always be lower than the normal published rate.  The maximum number in one Family group is eight (8) persons. If one of the Family group is an infant aged under 24 months, they must be mentioned when booking, but the infant will not be counted for charging. The Family group offer applies to Meet & Assist arrival and departure: it may also apply to some  Transfer Connections.  It does not apply to add-ons services, car services or to airport lounges. The Family Group rate is not a commissionable rate under the commision scheme.

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