Commission Scheme


Commission is paid only on Meet and Assist services

Commission is paid to business or individuals who have registered

Commission is paid on full price (un-discounted) bookings

Commission is paid at rate of USD 30 per booking

Commission is paid when your claim is received and verified

Commission is paid only by PayPal transfer


The amount of commission paid may change without notice is but currently is USD30 per meet and assist booking

The commission will be paid to registered travel bookers after completion of the client’s meet and assist service.

The commission cannot be combined with any other discount or benefit.  So if you make the booking and the price charged is discounted, then no booker commission is due. This exemption includes a booking made using our on-line booking engine and which has had a discount automatically applied to the price.

A Booking is a single meet and assist service, regardless of the airport, service type, the number of passengers or the cost.

If a client chooses an arrival service and a departure service, then that will count as two bookings, and two commissions will be paid.  

If the client chooses a connection service between two flights, that will count as one booking, and one commission will be paid.

Commission is not paid on any lounge service booking or on any car services booking.

We may change or stop this scheme at any time: any change will not effect any commission you are owed.

Booker Registration

To receive commission the person booking must first register with us.  Registration is free, instant, can be done at time of placing the order, and requires only a name and email to be given. The registrant can be a company or individual.

All registrants wanting to receive commission must have a company or personal PayPal account to which the commissions will be sent.  

PayPal is the only method of payment we use for payment of commission.  How to open a PayPal account  Any charges made by PayPal on funds received are the responsibility of the receiving party.

Claiming Your Commission

To receive commission, fill in the claim form. download the commission claim form 

When you are ready to claim commission, E-email the completed form to accounts (@) groundbooker [.] com