Management Team

Meet the Team


Director & Founder

GM in Thomson Tour Group. Assistant to Chairman Princess Cruises; Commercial Director P&O Canberra cruises. Asia based since 1993.


Chief Operating Officer

Finance Manager STAR TV Thailand. Training Manager Tesco Lotus Group. Manager of AusAID, Australian funded Anti Trafficking Project.


Director & General Manager

Country Manager Thailand, and Director of Groundbooker Ltd. Vendor Manager Groundasia & Burgundy Global (Asia). Sole Owner of Panoptica Ltd.


Business Development Manager

Country Manager China Consultant on travel technology integration & systems development. Co-owner of Su Le Tong Xing (China).


Support Duty Manager

Country Manager Indonesia and CEO of, an executive driving and security company. Sole Owner P.T. Indonesia Abadi Semesta.



Night Duty Manager

Thomson Holidays resort executive in Spain. Online educator for English and Spanish language class conversations


IT Manager and developer

Ten years experience in International corporate banking IT in India, Vietnam and the UK. European citizen currently based in SE Asia.


General Manager Africa

Xolani worked as deputy Station Manager for 2 major african airlines, before joining the SAF Airport Lounge group. Currently based in Cape Town.

Airport Meet & Assist

Fast Track VIP is an airport focused meet and greet service business.  We manage tailor-made solutions for passengers passing through busy airports, giving extra help to make a successful connection, a fast arrival or a smooth departure.   All Fast Track’s services start or end in thesecure airside area of the terminal at the air-bridge (gate, jetway).


Fast and Easy booking, arrival, connection & departure

The special concierge services that are provided by Fast Track enable air travelers to pass through check-in, security, immigration and customs in the fastest possible time and with the minimum of fuss. In 2014 the group developed the leading Meet and Assist online booking tool and a set of widgets and booking aides.


Personal airport assistant

Having an concierge with you will eliminate problems in busy or strange airports when moving between the aircraft and your vehicle. We use only licensed operators who are permitted under airport and customs rules to work in the secure transit areas


Managed locally

Fast Track is a British owned business, and the Meet and Assist operations are managed by an international team of experienced Asian-based travel executives. The business started in 2008 serving just Indonesia and Thailand, but by 2010 had expanded to include other major South East Asian airports.  We are a member of Asia’s leading Travel Association, PATA.


APMEA regional coverage

Fast Track VIP covers all international airports in the Asia-Pacific & Middle East region & recently around 50 major airports across continental Africa.  We have staff and managers based in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the UK.



Company Values

Fairness and Respect:  We believe that our travellers, their travel arrangers, our local partners and their airport staff have to be treated politely, professionally and respectfully.  We never over-promise or offer a service which we know will not be possible or meet the level of service we have described.

Compliance with the Law:  We comply with, and ensure that our partners comply with, all airport regulations, local laws and important conventions (eg anti-bribery) that are related to the provision of the services.  We use only licensed partners and local staff with proper security clearances, approvals and passes.

Cultural Sensitivity:  We are conscious and mindful of the very different ways of communicating doing business in the different countries of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We focus on avoiding the misunderstandings that can arise from cultural and language differences and disconnects between our foreign bookers & travellers and the local airport staff.

Continuous improvement:  We continue to refine and granularize our service descriptions, avoid the packaging-in of unwanted add-ons, expand our airport network across continents, increase  local quality assurance, and improve the ease-of-use and accuracy of our booking tools, processes and systems.

Quickly, safely, easily:  Our objective is to offer and then deliver the exact service that the traveller needs to pass through an airport quickly, safely & easily. Air Travel is complicated, so where unexpected issues arise as they sometimes do, we use our local staff’s knowledge, contacts and resources to resolve them.

Security and privacy:  We know we serve VIPs in a sensitive area of the travel Industry. Our reputation is built on trust, integrity, reliability and confidentiality. We never disclose any information at all about passengers (except that which is needed to provide the booked service) or any of their contact details.

Knowledge-based:   The founder has 35 years of senior management experience in business travel.  Our sector is not a ‘one-size fits all offer. We adhere to “best practice” protocols whilst offering and delivering the most suitable experience that is possible. Our success comes from repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendation.


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