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Arrival, Departure, Connection & Transit

We give help with airport Arrival and Departure. We also provide Transit assistance (moving between two international flights, with no immigration) and Connection assistance (transfering between International and Domestic flights it is necessary to pass through immigration). See also FAQs | Interlining

Airport Meet and Greet Services in Asia

Fast Track airport arrival service

With our Fast Track Airport Arrival service you will be met at the air-bridge or where you enter the terminal building, helped through quarantine, visa on arrival, security and immigration checks, assisted to identify and retrieve your checked bags, escorted through customs checks, and taken to your driver, car or hotel representative.

Fast Track Greeter at Departure

Fast Track airport departure service

Two hours before scheduled departure time, our Fast Track Airport Departure service team will be waiting at the entrance of the departure terminal building or at the agreed meeting point. You will then be assisted through security, check in, customs and immigration; and finally taken to your airline or member lounge and/or to the departure boarding gate.

Airport Meet and Greet Transfer and Connection

Connecting between 2 flights

Our Airport Concierge team will meet you at the air-bridge, escort you through all necessary visa, quarantine, transit, security, immigration, baggage, and customs procedures; and lead you to the next flight’s check in area, to your airline lounge, and/or to the boarding gate. If a change of terminal is required the greeter normally accompanies you between terminals. Door to Door service.

Airport VIP arrival for executives

Transiting and immigration

If you are transferring between two international flights, whether you have to pass immigration depends on the airlines, the ticket(s) and the airport. If a low cost airline is one of the flights, or you have two separate tickets, you may have to go “land-side”, collect any bags and check in again. Our expert Airport Concierge booking team will suggest the best solution for your need.

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