Abu Dhabi Airport Assistance

Abu Dhabi Airport Assistance is offered at AUH International Airport in United Arab Emirates UAE. Meet and Assist by Fast Track delivers a fast and smooth passage through this airport. Travel Agents and Personal Assistants understand our Airport Meet and Greet service guarantees a seamless airport experience for their boss, families, older fliers, friends, and for special VVIP passengers. 

Moving through this Airport Terminal with Fast Track’s personal help will be a memorable part of the travel experience. You can read more about the Airport here. See also the Abu Dhabi Fast Track Website. The most Common Questions about Meet and Greet VIP Assistance services are asked and answered on this page FAQs. For UAE Dubai DXB see here

Meet and Greet in Abu Dhabi Airport

Arrival & Departure at Abu Dhabi Airport

For Arrivals, our staff will be waiting to meet you as you reach the main Airport building at the jet-bridge or entrance door, or at a COVID check point if there is one. Then, they will assist you all the way to and through border controls and onwards to a chauffeur or someone waiting for you, or to a car service transportation desk if a ride is required. Our expert and helpful English speaking agents will smooth the way if there are any kind of foreign language or other issues you encounter. Most importantly they make full use of their knowledge about the best routes through their airport to help you bypass bottlenecks as much as possible.

For Departures the assistants will normally coordinate with your incoming chauffeur, or will try to call someone with you if we have been given a local mobile number. This is to make sure that the airport staff waiting to welcome you at the kerbside or the meeting point. Then they will assist you move from your vehicle into the main Terminal. Your agent will provide baggage trolleys free of charge, and will help you move bags through any terminal entrance security screening. Then they will accompany you to the check-in zone. After helping you check in, they will guide you through departure security and any border control checks. Last of all they will escort you to your Airline Lounge and/or to the boarding gate.

Transit & Connection

A Connection or a Transit Meet and Greet service is typically helpful for any passenger who is connecting through an big or strange airport. The local greeters will help passengers who are connect between international or domestic flights or terminals in every practical way.

They are familiar with their airport and its layout. Plus they have learned the best, quickest and smoothest ways to get travellers through the transit process and to their next flight. Connection assistance is particularly valuable in busy or unfamilar airports.

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Book what you need. Get what you ordered

Making a booking for an Airport Meet and Assist service with Fast Track in foreign cities is fast and simple to do. We have very knowldedgable staff who are able (i) to help you or your travel arranger understand and select the exact service that you actually need; (ii) to make sure that the airport greeters know the service you want; (iii) to double check that the local staff are assigned at the start time; (iv) to make sure you successfully find your greeter; and (v) to oversee that your service goes to plan, even if flights are late or other unforeseen problems arise.

To sum up, Fast Track is a fully Managed Service. Making use of Fast Track’s Airport VIP help means you do not have to send an e-mail order to a foreign business with which you have not booked with before, and whose written English and understanding of your order may not be fully correct. Plus you do not have to hand over sensitive credit card details to their staff by e-mail. Using our service means you do not have to simply hope that the help given is what you needed. Our expert team of travel supervisors will ensure it is understood and the service happens as planned.

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