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100+ International Airports on the continent can offer Africa Airport Help services. Meet and Assist by Fast Track ensures a fast and smooth movement through this airport. Travel Bookers and PAs understand our Airport Meet and Greet service provides a seamless airport experience for their boss, families, older fliers, friends, and for special VVIP passengers.

Moving through the Terminal with Fast Track’s special help will be an enjoyable part of the whole journey. See more here Busiest African Airports, or visit the Africa Fast Track local website. Also, If you have doubts or concerns about anything, the most commonly asked questions about booking African Airport Assistance and African Airport Meet & Assist and special services are addressed here in our FAQs

Meet & Greet – Africa Airport Help

Airport Arrival & Departure

For Arrivals, our greeters will greet you when you enter the main terminal building at the jet-bridge or entrance door, or at a COVID check point if there is one. Then, they will help you direct to and through immigration and onwards to a chauffeur or someone waiting for you, or to a taxi transportation desk if a ride is needed. Our concierge-trained and helpful English speaking staff will smooth the way if there are any type of foreign language or other issues you encounter. Most importantly they use their experience of the best routes through their airport to make sure that you skip bottlenecks wherever possible.

For Departures the agents will normally coordinate with your incoming chauffeur if we have been given their local mobile number. This is to make sure the airport staff are waiting to greet you at the kerbside or meeting point. Then they will accompany you into the main Terminal. Your agent will arrange luggage trolleys free of charge, and will help you pass through the terminal entrance security check. After that they will take you to the check-in desk, will assist you through departure security and any border control checks. Finally they will escort you to your Airline Lounge and/or to the boarding gate.

Africa Airport Help – where available?

Abuja ABV; Accra ACC; Addis Ababa ADD;  Algeria; Ambouli  JIB;  Amílcar Cabral SID; Angola;  Arusha Moshi JRO;  Asmara ASM;  Bamako BKO; Bangui BGF; Banjul BJL;  Benghazi BEN;  Benin  Blaise Diagne DSS; Botswana  Brazzaville BZV; Bujumbura BJM;  Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cairo CAI; Cameroon; Cape Town CPT; Cape Verde; Casablanca CMN;  Chad; CongoComoros; Conakry CKY; Cotonou COO; Dakar DSS/DKR; Dem Rep Congo; Dar Es Salaam DAR; Djibouti; Douala DLA; Durban DUR; Egypt; Entebbe EBB; EritreaEthiopia; Freetown FNA; Gabon; Gaborone GBE; Gambia; Garoua GOU; George GRJ; Ghana; Goma GOM; Guinea (Buochs); Guinea (Conakry); Guinea (Malabo); Harare HRE; Hosea Kutako; WDH; Ivato TNR; Ivory Coast; Johannesburg JNB; Juba JUB; 

Kenya; Khartoum KRT; Kigali KGL; Kilimanjaro JRO; Kinshasa; Kotoka ACC; Lagos LOS; Lesotho; Liberia; Libreville LBV; Libya; Lilongwe LIX; Lome LFW; Luanda LAD; Lubango SDD; Lumbobo Esw SHO; Lungi FNA; Lusaka LUN; Madagascar; Malabo SSG; Malawi; Mali; Maputo MPM; Marrakesh RAK; Maseru; Maun MUB; Mauritania; Mogadishu MGQ; Monrovia MLW; Morocco; Moroni HAH; Mozambique; Murtala Muhd. LOS; Nairobi NBO; Namibia; N’Djamena NDJ; Niamey NIM; Niamtougou LRL; Niger; Nigeria; Nouakchott NKC; Ouagadougou OUA; Port Elizabeth PLZ; Praia RAI; Rabat RBA; Rwanda; São Tomé; Senegal; Sierra Leone; Sir Seretse GBE ; Somalia; South Sudan; Sudan; Swaziland; Tanzania; Togo; Tripoli TIP; Tunis TUN; Tunisia; Uganda; Winhoek WDH; Zambia; and Zimbabwe

African Airport Assistance – Details & Costs.

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Book the Africa Airport Help you need.

Making a booking for an African Airport Meet and Assist service with Fast Track in overseas cities is quick and easy to do. We have very experienced booking agents who are able (i) to help you or your travel booker understand and select the correct service that you actually require; (ii) to make sure that the local staff know the service you need; (iii) to double check that the local greeters are assigned at the start time; (iv) to make sure you successfully find your greeter; and (v) to oversee that your service goes to plan, even if flights are delayed or other unforeseen problems arise.

To summarize, Fast Track is a fully Managed Service. Making use of Fast Track’s Airport VIP assistance means you do not have to send an Email request to a foreign business with which you have not dealt with before, and whose written English and understanding of your order may not be fully correct. Plus you do not have to send credit card details to their staff by e-mail. Using our service means you do not have to hope that the airport assistance received is what you needed. Our experienced team of travel dispatchers will ensure it is understood and your service goes as expected.

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