Cambodia Airport Meet and Greet

Cambodia Airport Meet and Greet. VIP arrival, departure or connection in PNH (P.Penh) & REP (Siem Reap)

For the Cambodia Airport Meet and Greet service, we meet you at your arrival gate (at the airbridge or jetway) that connects the terminal building to the aircraft. If the airplane parks in a remote bay on the tarmc, where you step into the terminal building. And for departures we will meet you at the kerbside as your car drwass up.

Our local greeters will then escort and fast track you all the way to your driver, or the other way around. As they know their airport well, they will be able to expedite your route through Local Border Controls for international arrivals and departures. They can also help you make transfer connections between flights if that is what you need.

Lounge access before departure is available to many passengers either due to their flying in a premium cabin, or having membership access through a credit card or lounge member programme. For others, we can sometime arrange lounge access for passengers time to spend before departure and who are in the economy or coach class cabin.

Electric kart buggies are not normally available, but Chauffeur Ground Transportation is possible in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. As part of the VIP service, you can select executive and premium chauffeur vehicles services from or back to the airport.

Cambodia Airport Meet and Greet services are helpful for any traveler passing through Phnom Penh PNH and Siem Reap (Angkor) REP airports and who wants personal and fast assistance. Prices start from USD59 for a lounge service.

See all the airports we serve. Read more about Cambodia Airports.  We will be very pleased to provide Airport VIP assistance for all travellers into, out of Cambodia

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