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Laos Airport VIP Meet and Greet staff will meet you at your arrival gate and escort you all the way to your next flight or to your driver, or the other way around. The airport assistance service is available in all major Australian airports including Vientianne and Luang Prabang.

Fast Track’s Meet & Assist service is helpful for any traveler passing through one of Laos’s international or domestic airport terminals and who wants some personal help and VIP or VVIP assistance. They will be met at the arrival gate aerobridge or at the kerbside, and then guided and assisted all way, for a real VIP airport experience.

Fast Track Arrive, Depart, Connect

We offer a full range of help for those arriving or departing. Your Laos Airport VIP Meet and Assist greeter will be waiting to assist you from the airbridge (or kerbside if you are departing) and will guide you through the fastest channels all the way between aircraft and your ground transport. We make every service personal, whichever cabin class you are flying.

And if you are connecting or are in transit, our greeters will meet you and assist in every possible way as they accompany you through the airport to your next flight. They are familiar with their airport’s layout and know the best ways to get you through the processes without any unnecessary delays if time is tight.

The Meet & Assist greeters will help smooth the way if there are any language issues, assist with your Visa on Arrival or baggage retrieval and they can usually use try to their Airport security clearance & pass to Fast Track you through immigration & border control processes, making it all smooth and quick.

Airport assistance options in Laos.

Fast Track airport assistance in 300 locations

Arrival and departure services in Laos VTE, and LPQ are fully supported and staff contact and liaise with in bound or waiting drivers (Chauffeur service can also be arranged). VOA and e-Visa assistance procedures on arrival are handled as required. Baggage trolleys are provided free-of-charge for passengers to use to push their bags past customs, quarantine and through security. Greeters are not allowed to be porters but they will assist identify, retrieve and lift normal size bags. If there are very many, very heavy or very large bags to move, then porters (baggage assistants) can be pre-booked for an extra charge. For departures, passengers who do not have airline or member lounge access can pre-book air-side departure lounges using and which are equipped with showers and normal lounge facilities. Transfer or connection between two flights (international and/or domestic) is also fully supported involving different terminals and check ins as needed.

Our Fast Track is a fully managed service

All our services are “managed”. This means you that you don’t just send an order and hope it will turn out promised! We manage the order process. This means you can clearly understand the options, avoid language problems and terminology disconnects, and book only what you need. You will not be sold unwanted extras. The services are accurately described for each airport, and are not “stuffed” with unneeded add-ons like lounges and porters.

Laos Airport VIP staff manage the service delivery – meaning what you booked is what you get, and it “goes to plan”, even when the unexpected happens. We provide a local contact number to call and/or an emergency chat line if there is any unexpected issue. It is why we get to help most of the A List travellers (movie stars, musicians, celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and billionaires) flying though airports in Japan, Korea, Australia, Indonesia, North Africa, China and India.

Professional travel bookers and travel arrangers know us and trust us to deliver for their VIPs, just as we will deliver for you, your boss, your family member, friend, colleague, or a special guest. Fast Track is ready and able to assist you through each airport. It means faster service, shorter lines, and personal help at the airport.

VIP airport welcome
VIP Meet and Assist airport greeters in Asia Pacific

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Perhaps you are a travel agent, an executive assistant, a VIP artist or performer, a celebrity, a visiting official, a business traveller, a frequent flier, a group organizer, or a private traveller or just a private tourist? Whoever you are if you want special airport assistance, our professional Fast Track meet and greet team will assist you and take care of everything. Our Laos airport VIP assistance service will ensure a quick and safe VVIP experience at the airport and will help protect your well being, privacy and security inside the terminal. See all the airports in Asia that we serve. Click and read more about Laos airports. You can book on-line, or you can E-mail us about the exact Fast Track airport service you need and get a personal quote first. | Faster Service. Shorter Lines. Personal Help.

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