Last Minute Orders – less than 48 hrs

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Urgent Orders

We will accept requests for, and provisionally confirm, urgent orders (less than 48 hours before service time). Usually we can make short notice arrangements.

If we are not able to confirm the booking before to the service start time, and if the service is not offered or given, then we will make a full and immediate refund of any payment received.

How much time is needed?

It depends on the airport, when we receive the request, and the type of service wanted. We have to be sure there are staff available at that time they are needed, and that there is enough time to submit a special handling request to Border Controls.

Most Airports like 48 hours notice, but in fact services can usually be arranged if we have just 24 hours notice before the service start time, and in some airports it can be as little at 6 hours.

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Is there a short notice charge?

From time to time, particularly at peak travel times, we may need to add a short notice surcharge, for example when we have to bring in extra staff at short notice (usually less than 24 hours). We will always advise you of any extra charge during the booking process.

Other than those cases, we do not add a short notice surcharge. We are glad to have your business!

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When is my order confirmed?

For services that are requested less that 48 hours ahead we give a provisional confirmation. Final confirmation is sent when our local team confirms they have staff available and can get any border control special approvals in time.

So we are usually able to arrange last minute services. In the rare cases where we cannot, we will tell you right away and will make a full and immediate refund of any payment received.

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