Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet

Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet. VIP arrival, departure or connection | HCM (Saigon), Hanoi and Danang

Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet service will help you pass through the airport easily and quickly.  A greeter will meet you at your arrival gate (that joins the aircraft to the terminal building) or where you enter the building if your airplane has been parked at a distant spot. For departures the greeters will meet you at the curbside when you car pulls up.

The helpful local staff will escort you all the way to your car and driver, or to the gate if you are departing. For connections they will help you between the arrival gate, and the departure gate and will escort you through the processes in between, depending on your flight plan.  They know their local airport well, so they will be able to help you pass as quickly as possible through the Immigration Control clearances for international arrivals and departures; and if you are connecting, with local flight services.

A golf buggy is not available in Vietnam airports. Porters can however be pre-booked. There are also lounges for coach or economy travelers who cannot use an airline lounge or a member scheme.  Chauffeur Vheicles can be organized for passengers using our meet and greet service, and there are executive and premium vehicles to choose form either from or back to the airport.

Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet services are really great for travelers who passing through Vietnam’s busy airports and who are tired after a long flight or unfamiliar with the processes.  Service Fees are very reasonable and start from USD49 for lounge service.

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