Airport VIP Booking Widget

Airport VIP – booking widget

Can be inserted into any webpage or blog.

Commission will be paid on bookings.

If you have an existing travel related website or blog then you can install a Fast Track “website widget:, which is a good way of increasing your business revenues.

You place the widget on your website or blog where your readers and visitors will see it. Through the widget they can select an airport, find out what services are available at that airport and then get an instant quote for that service. After that they can click to book the service on Fast Track’s website where they also see a detailed service description.

The widget is autonomous and self contained. Once it is installed and you have entered your personal code then there is nothing more to do.

We are the merchant of record and we collect payment for the service on our website. The person booking pays our normal published rates and you will be paid commission on sales made through your website widget.

Two types of widget are available:

  1. A widget specific for WordPress websites (i.e. a WordPress plugin)
  2. A widget that can be installed on any website

It is very easy, and there is no fee or commitment. There are two steps:

  1. first, contact us to register as a widget user: we will send you the codes/plugin to insert
  2. second, when installed you request the tracking codes for your widget after which you can track your bookings

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